1911 Barrel Guide

1911 Barrel Guide

(1) Barrel Options:
All 1911 Government and Commander barrels are available in standard length, extended length, extended and ported (a), and threaded options (b) with match fit stainless thread protector.

(a) Ported
(b) Threaded
Thread protector
Thread Protector

Officer barrels are available in standard length only and are all bull barrels. Note: The standard Officer barrel configuration also includes a bushing. Government and Commander barrel muzzle diameters are available in standard bushing style or bull configurations.

Stainless bushings (c) are match fit to Storm Lake barrels to .001" total tolerance for precision accuracy.

(c) Bushing

(2) Barrel Kits:
1911 barrel kits include installed link and pin for easy installation with little to no fitting on drop in models. Oversize barrel lower lug profiles are manufactured with extra material for a gunsmith to custom fit to the frame. On oversize barrel kit orders have the link and pin provided loose.

(3) Locking Lugs:
Locking lugs on drop in barrels are sized to install in most 1911 models with no fitting required. The rear locking lug is shallower on the oversize barrels for a gunsmith to custom fit to the slide.

(4) Barrel Hood:
The barrel hood on drop in models is sized to install in most 1911 models with no fitting required. Standard hood width on a StormLake barrel is 0.432" on 45ACP, 40 Super, and 400 CorBon. Standard hood width is 0.365" on 10mm, 40S&W, 357Sig, 38 Super, and 9mm. Oversize barrel hoods are manufactured longer and wider for a gunsmith to custom fit to the slide.

(5) Ramp:
Feed ramps on unramped, Wilson/Nowlin ramp, and Clark/Para ramp are dimensioned for maximum case support.

(6) Ramp Configurations:
The three ramp configurations are shown: (a) unramped, (b) Wilson/Nowlin ramp, (c) Clark/Para ramp. Figure d shows the lower lug profile of a standard unramped Commander or Officer barrel.

(a) unramped
(b) Wilson/Nowlin
(c) Clark/Para
Lower Lug Profile
Lower Lug Profile

1911 Model Information

Machined from certified 416R stainless steel for superior strength, durability, and accuracy. Barrels are match grade, hardened to 40-42 HRC and cut broach rifled.

Officer, Commander, and Government models available.

Standard bushing style or bull barrel available for Commander and Government models.

Extended length and threaded options are available.

Oversize and drop-in options are available, as well as kit option combinations of link, pin, and bushing.

Ramp options include nonramped, Wilson/Nowlin, and Para ramp. Check with the manufacturer of your attachment to verify thread option before ordering.