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Julie Goloski

Sponsorship News


Sponsored Shooters


StormLake is proud to sponsor the following competitive shooters:


Julie Golob

Julie's 2011 match schedule is below:

May 13-14 USPSA Single Stack Nationals

May 25-28 NRA Bianchi Cup

June 2-5 International Revolver Championships

July 22-23 Shooting Industry Masters

Aug 4-6 AR15.com Multi-Gun (3GN)

Aug 26-28 Rocky Mountain Multi-Gun (3GN)

Sep 16-20 USPSA Revolver Nationals

Sep 21-24 USPSA Production Nationals

Oct 1-9 IPSC World Shoot

Oct 21-23 USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals


Be sure to visit Julie's website www.juliegolob.com!  See StormLake gear at www.juliegolob.com/the-gear.


Tom Carpenter

A respected competitor in USPSA, IDPA, NFA and 3-Gun events, Tom has won numerous championships and continues to be a top contender in venues throughout the country. He maintains GrandMaster classifications in practical shooting as well as being a 5-Gun Master. With nearly twenty years of competition experience and the resulting skills, Tom has developed a unique perspective regarding small arms of all types. 

Tom's 2011 match schedule is as follows:



  • Georgia State IDPA 
  • Tennessee State IDPA
  • Carolina Cup
  • VA State IDPA
  • IDPA World Championship
  • SC State IDPA
  • NC State IDPA



  • USPSA Area 6 Handgun Championship
  • TN State USPSA Championship
  • GA State USPSA Championship
  • USPSA Area 8 Handgun Championship
  • USPSA Single Stack Nationals



  • Pro-Am 3-Gun Championship
  • Area 6 USPSA 3-Gun Championship
  • BRM 3-Gun Championship
  • TAC2 Annual Championship
  • KCR/NFA Subgun Championship
  • USPSA  3-Gun National Championship
  • FNH USA 3-Gun Championship
  • Steel City Carbine Championship
  • AAC/Tier 1 3-Gun Championship


Mark Dye of Dye Custom


Lee Wills