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Review on 1911 Ported .45 ACP Barrels

by Eddie Tedder


I bought one of your 1911 Ported .45 ACP Barrels a few months ago...I originally purchased the barrel for a Taurus 1911. I'm not a big Taurus fan, but I purchased the gun (used) for the purpose of being a project. By the way, Taurus did a pretty good job with the 1911.


1911 ported barrel
1911 ported barrel


Installation was easy. Perfect fit.


At the range, it’s obviously more accurate than I. The ports do what they are supposed to do: Reduce recoil. Muzzle jump is noticeably less.


target shooting with the stormlake barrel

The first 35 rounds

target practice with storm-lake barrel

49 Rounds


The amount of recoil reduction motivated me to experiment with another pistol. I have a Kimber Tactical Custom II. This pistol is well used, being one of my favorites. This is an aluminum frame pistol that has quite a bit more recoil, probably due to weight (31 oz Kimber vs. 38 oz Taurus).


Kimber Tactical Custom II

Kimber Tactical Custom II


Again, recoil was noticeably reduced. I would place the recoil in the 9mm category.


At the range:


target shooting with the stormlake barrel

21 rounds

target practice with storm-lake barrel

8 Rounds


All tests were done at 15 yards.

I tested various types of ammunition:


» Hornady TAP 230 Grain +P

» White box Winchester 230 Grain

» Green box Winchester 230 Grain

» Reloaded ammunition, reduced power, 165 Grain and 200 Grain.


All types of ammo work without a problem. I was concerned about the reduced power reloads, but they cycled flawlessly. I have some firearms that will not cycle the 165 grain bullets, but again, no problem.


Finally, I expected the noise level to increase, but there’s not a lot of difference. My carry gun, a Kimber Eclipse Custom II Sub Compact is much louder, so noise is a non issue.


Thanks for making a great product. You should be proud.